Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leaving You

Leaving you
Was never simple.
When I went away
We would do that dance,
I would try to convince
You to go with me,
You would waffle and refuse.
"You know I hate to travel,
You need time alone."
I would be a little relieved
And go, but miss you.

When you began falling,
I wouldn't want to go
To the gym or to the store,
You'd promise to stay in place
I'd come home to find you
On the floor.

When you were in the hospital
I would get ready to leave
And you would say,
"Oh I know how it is
You're glad to get out of here
You'll go home, pet the dog
Put your feet up, have a cup of tea
When you leave
Every thing here
Turns to garbage."
So maybe I'd stay a little longer.
In truth, I was relieved
To finally leave.

And now I must leave you
Again, not a simple thing
For you have left before me
And I must find a way
To leave you again.
A way to carry
The memories, the heartache
Within me,
While remaining whole.

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