Saturday, November 28, 2009

Everyday Mishap

Common sense
Should tell you
The pilots were
Not at fault.
Everyone knows
It’s time consuming
Working on a laptop.
The whole world
Can pass you by.
Your son takes
The Porsche for a spin,
Your daughter gets
A new tattoo.
Your wife leaves
You for the plumber.

Your password
Entered, reentered
Updates necessary
Before proceeding
Time for a virus scan.
These poor guys
Were simple victims
In the ebb and flow
Of cyberspace.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Very Special Love/ Alternative Answer for Dear Abby

You find yourself falling for her,
a figment of electronic transmission.
No flatulence, eructation
or morning breath.
She carefully chooses her words
before hitting send, loves your work
and never criticizes your choice
for dinner, movies or music.
She loves what you love,
never mentions what doesn’t fit.
This perfect woman stops just
shy of over the top sensual,
doesn’t expect you to be on time,
take out the garbage or
remember her birthday,
but she remembers yours.
Admire another woman?
Go ahead, take her on,
it’s not a problem.

She really ought to tell you,
she isn’t always that loveable.

Her truth lies in cyberspace.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rain-Auver by Vincent Van Gogh

I can almost see him,
Rivers of rain down
His hair and beard,
Darkened red to auburn,
Streaming over his face,
His eyes as he paints
Feverishly, striving
To cheer himself with
Brave sweeps of color.
Hills , fields, farmhouses
Still, lulled to sleep
By the music of the rain
As he strokes them
Boldly, with brilliant blues,
Luscious yellows, joyous orange,
Glorious splash of crimson.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was in a terrible mood when
I arrived home from the market,
Dark clouds filled the midday sky.
As I glumly filled the pot for pasta,
A breeze blew in the window with
The moist green smell of cornsilk,
As the rain began falling softly.
Suddenly, my mood lifted.

Stripping corn for dinner
With my sisters for my Mom.
That’s all we would have had
Those August nights
When it was first ripe,
Fat, sweet and slathered
With soft yellow butter.