Tuesday, July 7, 2009


After all these months,
It should get easier
And you believe it is
Memories tied up neat,
Put away like his possessions
Everything where it belongs.

Then suddenly, you cross the bridge
Where he would park his car and wait
Standing there, so sweet, so eager,
So you could see him from below
Driving home, your work over.

How he loved those white stockings
And your hair held back
How he loved to undo all that.
You and the memories come apart,

All those pictures flood your mind
In the matter of a second.
It flows without control
You think it will not end.
Why aren't you more together?
When will you be, never?
Perhaps go to another place,
Without so many triggers.

But then you realize,
The catalyst lies within,
You simply need to
Give it more time.

1 comment:

  1. I too, have crossed that bridge. This takes me instantly to that place of longing. We never forget. the triggers are always there. more Time isn't the answer. we, ourselves, are the catalyst. the answer is in the next life.